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F.A.Q. How to use the skins for YouTube player


How to install the extension to Chrome browser?

To add the extension to your browser, follow the link in the Google Chrome ™ official Web Store and click Install button.

Install button

Be sure to confirm the installation by clicking "Install Extension" in the pop-up dialog box.

Installation Confirmation

An extension icon will appear in the extensions list (1) at the upper right corner of your browser.You can pin our extension on the Chrome toolbar by clicking the pin icon (2).

The skin is ready

How to add skins from the site?

You can do it directly from our website or click on the extension icon located on the Chrome toolbar if you are not on the website (1). Click on the "MORE SKINS" button in the main pop-up window of the extension to open the catalog of skins (2).

pop-up button

You can find all available skins on the home page. Having found the skin you like, hover your mouse over the desired skin and click the "Add" button. The skin will automatically be added to the extension menu.

Add button

Now you can open the extension pop-up menu and change the YouTube player's design by selecting any of the newly added skins from the catalog.

Uploaded skin

How to use the extension?

To activate the menu and change the player skin, click on the extension icon located on the Chrome toolbar. A popup will appear (1).

Go to the popup window and hover your mouse over the desired skin. In the menu that appears, activate the skin by clicking the "Apply" button (2). In the same way, you can select any other skin in the list.

Apply the skin

You can completely disable the extension by pressing the “ON / OFF” button, all the last settings are saved, and after switching it ON you won't have to re-select the desired skin. After turning off the extension, the player's design will change to default.

on or off the extension

How to manage your skins?

You have already learned how to add skins to the list of the main extension menu. You can also remove them from the list. Just hover over it and click on the basket icon that appears above it. At any time, you can add the skins from the catalog again by clicking the "MORE SKINS" button.

Delete skin

Any skin you like can be added to the Favorites - this is convenient, because the list of favorites is displayed at the top of the list. Hover over the skin you like and click on the star above it. In the same way, you can remove the skin from the favorites list.

Add to favorites

You can also share your favorite skins on social networks, such as Facebook. To do this, hover over the desired skin and in the menu that appears, click the "share" button. Thank you in advance for sharing - this is a great support for the project.

share skin

How to rate the extension in the Google Chrome Store?

Click the "RATE US" button on the website or at the extension pop-up, or follow the link to the reviews page of the "Skins for YouTube player" extension and click the star that you think we deserve. You can also add your review or comment. Then click the "Publish" button to submit the rating.
Thank you for your rates, they really motivate us to work on new skins!

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